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High-quality translation

Written translation is one of the most sought after services in this niche market. However, not all companies can perform translations of high quality. Every language changes every year, therefore, translation bureaus should monitor the updating of dictionaries, software, and technical base.

Translation services are often urgently needed, which is not a problem for our company as we can perform any amount of work to meet your deadlines. Prices for written translation, which is urgently needed, are set regardless of its subject matter and level of complexity.

Most often we provide written translation of the following documents:

  • documents for embassies;
  • contracts, documents, notarized;
  • medical statements, prescriptions, statements;
  • art materials: books, articles, publications, web pages, portals;
  • technical documentation.

Why do I need a written translation?

A translation may be needed in completely different fields of activity. However, everything that concerns legal, notarial, medical and a number of other areas should be carried out with maximum precision, in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The most important are the following documents.

  • Contracts. If you work with international companies, you will probably need to order the translation of these papers from time to time. In documents of this type, a high-quality translation is especially important, because an error can be very expensive.
  • Documents for the embassy. The language translated to the appropriate embassy is an obligatory element of the paperwork, for example, if you are going abroad for permanent residence or for work. Therefore, a notarized translation is indispensable.
  • Medical records. If you need treatment abroad, do not forget to translate the results of the tests conducted in Ukraine and the conclusions of local doctors into the language of the country to which you are going. This will simplify the work of foreign experts.

Why should you order a written translation in Kyiv in our company?

  • High accuracy and quality. We employ certified specialists who know everything about the rules and regulations for the translation and have extensive experience in this field. When ordering a translation of documents from us, you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of their data;
  • Affordable price. Our cost of translation does not depend on the complexity of the order or the type of document that needs to be translated. This means that with us you will not hear unbearable sums for doing a translation for getting urgent visa documents;
  • Urgent fulfillment of orders. We understand how important a role is the timely submission of documents, so we provide an urgent translation of any papers you need and pay special attention to urgent transfers not damaging its quality;
  • A wide range of languages. In our bureau, you can translate texts in more than 10 languages, including not only English and French, but also Chinese, Georgian, and Hindi.
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