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Technical texts translations

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Technical texts translations performed by Idioma Translation Bureau are always accurate, fast and of high quality.

Idioma offers its services for high-quality translation of technical texts. This type of translation is among the most complex ones, as it is used in various fields of human activity and requires special accuracy. We understand that every mistake of a translator can cost the customer very expensive, so we work only with real professionals in our field. We work with several dozens of different languages and proceed to the implementation of absolutely any, even the most complex orders. Our approach is literacy, accuracy and thorough verification of each page of the completed translation.

Features and nuances of technical translation

Only a professional translator can perform technical texts translation. This is due to the following specific features:

  • complicated terminology. Translation of scientific and technical texts provides a huge number of terms and abbreviations. The correct translation can only be performed by a person who has specialized engineering education or appropriate training on each specific topic.
  • narrow specialization. Each state has its own rules and state standards for the design of technical documentation. Before ordering a technical translation, it should be understood that any character, abbreviation or number can change the document content or turn it into nonsense.
  • drawings and diagrams. Most of the documentation of this type is accompanied by relevant illustrations and graphs, which also need translation. When translating technical documentation, a specialist must use special computer software or create new drawings altogether.

Types of technical translation

  • full report translation;
  • abstract — that is, a concise translation;
  • annotation —a brief description of the introduced material;
  • headers or illustrated text translation;
  • interpreting.

Why choose Idioma?

  • qualified technical translation in Kyiv. Our office employs only qualified translators, among whom there is a specialist in the industry you need, even if it is very narrow.
  • prompt execution of orders. We do the translation as soon as possible and we have been doing this for years. Our experts will certainly perform technical translation at the right time.

Reasonable prices for technical translation. Prices may vary depending on the amount of work and the language of translation. In any case, we try to keep the cost on technical translation the most well-balanced on the market. Please note that high-quality work cannot be cheap, therefore, if you are promised to translate texts at a suspiciously low price in a technical translation bureau, you may need to be alerted. We try to find an individual approach to each customer, and we gain your trust not with discounts, but with high quality.

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