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Services for foreign citizens

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According to the legislation of Ukraine, a foreigner is a person who is in the citizenship of another state and does not have Ukrainian citizenship.

For foreigners staying in Ukraine legally, there are a number of opportunities that will require a certain amount of time and a package of documents for implementation. In order to save time and get a guaranteed result, you should entrust the preparation to specialists. Prices for services for foreigners are usually compensated by saving time, effort and nerves.

Idioma Translation Bureau provides the following services for foreign citizens:

  • An employment permit is an official document from the competent body in this matter, which provides the opportunity to work in the territory of Ukraine. This permit is issued after the employer makes a decision on the employment of a foreigner;
  • A residence permit is a document proving the identity and confirming the right of a citizen of another country or stateless person to reside in Ukraine on a temporary or permanent basis;
  • Registration is entering information about the place of residence in the State Unified Register;
  • Citizenship registration is a complex issue requiring legal support;
  • Obtaining an ITN or TIN is necessary for conducting activities in Ukraine. Having a taxpayer identification number, a foreigner gets an opportunity to tax profits, without which you cannot establish relations with state authorities;
  • Foreign citizens need to purchase a medical policy in order to secure guaranteed medical assistance during their stay in Ukraine. These services for foreigners are provided by many insurance companies, as well as translation bureaus;
  • An invitation is a document that facilitates the process of getting a visa, as well as a residence permit;
  • Extension of the stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Each of these items has its own specifics and nuances, requires knowledge of the legislation and rigorous preparation of documents. Idioma Translation Bureau undertakes the implementation of a variety of services for foreigners so that you do not waste time and nerves on self-registration of references. We always have high-quality service and affordable cost of services for foreign citizens.

You can order service for foreigners by leaving a request on our website. You will receive detailed advice on questions of interest!

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