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Opening a bank account

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Assistance in opening a bank account abroad

If you run your business, you know how important it is to choose a reliable service bank. This affects the stable operation and development of the enterprise. According to statistics, in our time the most reliable are foreign financial institutions. But how to cooperate with them if you are in Ukraine? To do this, you must open an account in a foreign bank.

If you have decided to conduct such an operation, then the first step is to understand what purpose you are going to do it. Savings account or trading one? Take into account all the needs of your business, and based on this, further actions will be clear.

How to choose a bank to issue an account abroad?

When choosing a financial institution, it is often the attention that is often paid attention to. Looking for a prestigious, large or popular. But the selection solely on such criteria does not always lead to positive results.

Opening an account in a foreign bank is a process that has many nuances. And the best solution would be to seek help from professionals. Idioma offers services of this nature. We have extensive experience in solving such issues.

What documents must be provided for opening an account abroad?

  • constituent documents of your company, that is, a registration package (originals and notarized copies);
  • certificates confirming the origin of funds (income, bank statements, proof of inheritance, salary information, transaction documents, and other similar documents);
  • to open an account in an offshore bank, you need the decision of the director or board of directors in English, with the consent to open;
  • translation into English of the relationship with partners or business description (in free form);
  • document about quality, for companies operating in a little over a year.

You can order the opening of an account in a foreign bank today in our company. The staff has employees who have all the necessary knowledge in this area. It is important that one of the main tasks of Idioma Translation Bureau is to ensure complete confidentiality. You can safely entrust us with all your documents. We provide high-level support for receiving accounts in foreign banknote clients. In addition to consultations, you can also order prompt and high-quality translation of any documentation.

If you have questions, please, feel free to contact us. Contact information can be found on our website. We consider each case individually so that the procedure has a positive result as soon as possible.

Opening an account in a foreign bank means protecting your business from many risks. And we will help you to carry out the operation effectively, we will support you at all stages of work that may depend on us. Order the service today, in the near future to appreciate all the advantages of working with financial institutions abroad!

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