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Notarized translation among clients of the Idioma Translation Bureau is considered one of the most popular services. The peculiarity of such translation is that it is subject to certification by a notary, who confirms that the translator's signature is authentic. It is important to understand that the confirmation of the document content or the correctness of the translation is not within the competence of the notary, despite the fact that he must know the language into or from which the document is translated and which is not native to it. Without a notarized translation, documents cannot be used as official documents either on the territory of Ukraine or when traveling abroad.

There are several requirements for a notarized translation:

  • availability of the original document;
  • the clearly indicated name of the document, as well as the organization in which it was received;
  • the document must be signed by persons authorized to issue it, sealed with the outgoing number and date;
  • if the document consists of several sheets, all must be stitched and sealed;
  • the certificates received in foreign state bodies must bear stamps of consular legalization or apostille.

It also requires the translator to have a diploma confirming the qualification and his personal presence in the notary's office during the certification. Therefore, even if you yourself own a foreign language and can translate your document, without confirming your qualifications, the translation will be denied.

Idioma Translation Bureau offers a wide range of services on notarization at an affordable cost. By contacting us for a notarized translation, you will receive a certified translation of documents in the shortest time possible and will be able to present them at the place of demand.

Why notarization is required?

The notarization procedure is necessary if the translated document must be submitted to the state authorities of another country, not the one in which the original was received. These include:

  • Birth and death certificates;
  • Marriage and divorce certificates;
  • Passports;
  • Visa;
  • Certificates and diplomas;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Purchase agreements;
  • Certificate of criminal record;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Banking documents;
  • References from work;
  • Statutes and certificate of registration of the enterprise.

These documents are required for citizenship, residence permit, student visa, starting a business in a foreign country and many other legal procedures.

If you apply for a notarized translation of documents in Kyiv to the Idioma Translation Bureau, you will receive high-quality services, fast deadlines and full compliance of the translated documents with the required standards. We employ experienced translators who are familiar with standard documentation from different countries, that means that certification will not require additional verification and will not take your time. Affordable prices for notarized translation will make the process of cooperation with us even more pleasant!

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