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Legalization of documents

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In recent years, a large number of residents of Ukraine travel abroad for study, work, tourism or a change of residence. Some of them open their business. In each of these cases, it is required to issue a solid package of documents, which themselves are not yet legally binding.

Legalization of documents confirms their compliance with all the requirements of the legislation of the country, where you present these documents and their authenticity. In the usual way, this is a rather long and troublesome process. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit various authorities and coordinate the details of the paperwork. In this case, even with the slightest inaccuracy, you will have to return to Ukraine in order to reissue papers. To save time and effort, you can contact a company specializing in this service.

Legalization of documents in Kyiv is very popular among our clients. Employees have extensive experience working with documents and standards from other countries, so you can be sure of the result. Professional translation and legalization of documents will allow you to save time and nerves. In some cases, you can get by notarizing translations, but this is not always enough. Depending on the destination country, an apostille or consular legalization of documents in Ukraine will be required.


Apostille stamp refers to the simplified legalization of official documents. Together with the signature of the official, it certifies their authenticity.

The apostille is valid in more than 100 member countries of the Hague Convention (1961). How the transfer should be made and stamped, each country determines in its own way that is regulated by the relevant legislation. Without knowing it, it is possible to significantly delay and complicate the procedure for collecting a package of documents.

Idioma Translation Bureau offers:

  • a competent and correct translation of all required documents;
  • registration of a package of documents, taking into account legislative standards;
  • stamping in the state structure.

Apostilization subject to:

  • documents on education and work experience;
  • certificates and powers of attorney;
  • insurance papers;
  • documents on civil status;
  • court decisions.

Your document will take legal effect within the stipulated time, and you will successfully fulfill your plans! In Idioma, there are always affordable prices for the documents legalization and guaranteed services quality.

Consular legalization

Although the apostille stamp is valid for a large number of countries, there are also a number of states that have not adopted the Hague Convention, in particular, the Arab ones. Therefore, the stamp will not be enough to legally cross the border and to legalize the documents, you will need to contact the representative office of the country in advance. To successfully complete the procedure, you will need to visit other government agencies, such as the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order not to dive into all the details of the process and not to waste time in the lines, you can order the legalization of documents at Idioma. Experience and established contacts can guarantee the legalization of your documents as soon as possible. Our experts will prepare a legalized translation of all documents, and then confirm its authenticity in the necessary authorities. We also provide services for the foreign documents legalization so that they acquire legal force for use in Ukraine.

Anyone who has experienced relocation or the other documents preparation abroad knows how long this issue can be delayed and how many nuances arise during the registration procedure. In order for everything to go as fast as possible, without additional financial costs and nerves, it is necessary to entrust the question to a reliable partner. Idioma Translation Bureau offers a wide range of services at an affordable cost, including legalization of documents. The cost will depend on the destination country, the package of documents and the complexity of the procedure.

Trusting us, you will get maximum results at minimum cost!

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