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Legal translation of documents

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Translation of legal texts from Idioma: quickly, efficiently, confidentially

Any type of translation requires the greatest possible accuracy, especially for legal translation. To implement it, you need not just a competent and highly qualified translator, it is important that the specialist understands the legal subtleties and has the right vocabulary. The work done by the amateur can lead to very serious consequences, including lawsuits. In addition, it is important that the translated texts are clear to the lawyers of the state in whose language the translation is being performed. Turning to any legal translation bureau, you should know that you cannot blindly rely on legal dictionaries, as they, as a rule, do not indicate the branch of law.

Types of translation depending on the type of legal documents:

  • contracts;
  • legal acts;
  • statutes;
  • power of attorney;
  • memorandums, agreements;
  • legal documentation;
  • constituent documentation;
  • notarial documents with an apostille.

Nuances in the legal documents translation

The translator for legal documents should be endowed with knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and legal rights because these areas of activity are characterized by specific lexical composition. Our experts, who translate legal texts, have a vast experience in this field; they have been working on this documentation for years. When translating legal documents, we take into account that the papers will be used in another country and must comply with its legal system, so we use the proper wording.

Most legal documents are notarized after the translation. It is necessary that the document be suitable for further use and submission to various official institutions. This service can also be obtained in our company; you do not have to look for specialists in different organizations, spending extra time on it. In particular, one of the popular services is apostilization of documents.

Our advantages:

  • Efficiency. We understand the importance of the timely submission of certain documents and the signing of contracts, so we translate as soon as possible;
  • High quality. We use only experienced professionals for legal translation of documents, taking into account all the nuances of paperwork;
  • Confidentiality. Information from all documents that are translated in our bureau stays in the walls of our company;
  • Affordable cost. We do not overestimate the cost, in the case of the need to perform quick or complex work. Prices for legal translation from Idioma Translation Bureau are among the most affordable. They are fixed, and you can read them before placing an order.

If you need to order a legal translation in Kyiv, Idioma Translation Bureau experts will fulfill your order as quickly and accurately as possible.

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