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Interpreting: types, features

Today, almost everywhere you can find interpreting services in Kyiv. At the same time, interpretation is one of the most complex types due to its specific features. Besides, finding a real professional in this field is not as easy as it may seem. What are the difficulties of this process and how to find a good interpreting bureau?


  • Simultaneous. It happens in real time. For it, you need the appropriate equipment in the form of booths and headphones, thanks to which the translator and the speaker do not interfere with each other. This is quite a difficult job because the translator must have a sufficient level of preparation, be attentive and purposeful. Typically, the cost of interpretation of this type is the highest.
  • Whispered translation. The title is the essence of this type of translation. It is one of the types of simultaneous translation, and the fact is that the interpreter whispers directly to the speaker.
  • Consecutive translation. With this kind of translation, the speaker pauses and gives the opportunity to translate what was said. The intervals between the pauses can be from 5 to 15 minutes, so this type of translation is also not so simple and requires not only the skill of the translator but also a good memory.
  • Phrasal translation. Its essence is the same as with the consecutive, but the speaker stops after each phrase.
  • From the sheet. In addition to the perception of the speaker's speech, the translator is additionally provided with the speech on a piece of paper.


When translating specialist has time to find the right words, check the information in the dictionary, consider different translation options and choose the best one. Any language has a certain set of phraseological units, which are often used in oral speech, and the translator must have an analog ready in another language. The situation is complicated by the possible set of narrowly specialized terms or abbreviations in a conversation. Also, when interpreting, it is impossible to correct the translation, as opposed to the written one. When an incomprehensible or unknown construction occurs in a written text, its meaning can be understood from the context, which cannot be done with interpreting. Of course, for the reasons listed above, there are not so many requirements for interpreting as for the written version, some stylistic reservations and inaccuracies are allowed. However, there should be no misunderstanding when interpreting.

Interpreting from Idioma Translation Burea

We carefully select employees to provide interpretation services. Specialists are selected depending on the field of activity in which they work in order to avoid problems with ignorance of specialized terms. The price of interpretation from our bureau is quite balanced, and we provide the quality of services.

To order the services of an interpreter from us is to find a competent specialist quickly and at an affordable cost.

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