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Getting a non-conviction certificate

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Non-conviction certificate: the nuances of receipt

To issue a series of certificates, documents and, other papers, you must submit a formal request to government agencies. And if the birth certificate, for example, is indefinite, then others act for a limited period, since the information during this time may become irrelevant. Therefore, when you try to work abroad or execute any documents, you may be faced with the need to confirm that you have no criminal record.

A non-conviction certificate is a special document issued by the Ministry of the Interior upon request, regardless of the location of the person who sent the request. It is issued on a special form, with a series and number, signature and seal of an authorized person.

Having your current certificate confirms that at the moment you are not wanted, you are not involved in criminal responsibility and you are not convicted. This will allow government agencies to successfully cooperate with you and confirm your trustworthiness.

There are 2 types of certificates of non-conviction depending on the territory of use:

  • in Ukraine - not subject to legalization;
  • abroad - are issued with an apostille and if necessary, a notarized translation;

The type also determines the period during which the received certificate of no criminal record will be relevant. Domestic is valid for 90 days, while international for 60.

Registration of a certificate of non-conviction is one of the services of Idioma Translation Bureau. We will prepare a document for you in 3, 5 or 10 business days. Urgency affects the cost of a certificate of criminal record.

Why do you need confirmation?

If you are planning to sign or restore a number of documents, you will need to order a certificate of non-conviction. For:

  • Citizenship;
  • Residence;
  • Some personal documents;
  • License to own weapons;
  • Internal passport, passport;
  • Guardianship or adoption;
  • Visa.

Also, a certificate of no criminal record may be required in various foreign institutions, so it is best to have it with you. Such a document is also needed by entrepreneurs to participate in tenders, to carry out government procurement, to issue a loan for a large amount. Without a certificate, you will not be allowed to work with explosive substances, narcotic drugs. Some employers, in particular, government agencies, are also asked to confirm the absence of a criminal record.

Many organizations publish in the public domain a list of documents in which this certificate is indicated. But even if you did not find such information, but want to confirm your trustworthiness, it is worth making out and enclosing a certificate.

Required documents

To make a certificate of no criminal record will need:

  • Copies of all passport pages;
  • A copy of the document confirming the change of name or surname, if they were done;
  • A copy of the passport with the transfer, if you are not a resident of Ukraine.

Citizens can independently apply for a certificate of no criminal record. The finished document must provide within 30 days.

A request can also be made by relatives of a person for whom a certificate is needed if there is a notarized power of attorney.

Where to find help?

In order to save time, do not worry about the correctness of the submitted documents and do not wait for a month to be processed, contact the professionals who have experience working with government agencies and translating certificates. So you do not have to go through all the bureaucratic procedures on your own.

Idioma Translation Center specialists will be able to issue a certificate of good conduct for you as soon as possible. Here you can use the notarization of the translation. In our Translation Bureau, one will find reasonable prices for certificates of non-conviction, qualified staff and extensive experience in working with documents, so registration will not take much time, nerves and finances from you!


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