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Consecutive translation

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Performing consecutive translations

Consecutive interpreting is the work of a qualified translator with a speaker and audience. During it, the speaker makes a sentence or a phrase in the language he speaks, and the translator sets it up for the audience in the language he speaks. Nowadays, this service is very common, since many foreigners visit our country.

Where are consecutive translation services popular?

  • at the negotiating table;
  • when holding press conferences;
  • at seminars and training;
  • during excursions;
  • at exhibitions;
  • during business negotiations;
  • at briefings;
  • in the process of telephone conversations;
  • to accompany delegations;
  • during buffets and holidays;
  • at round tables;
  • during court hearings, notarial and investigative actions involving persons who do not speak the target language.

The cost of sequential interpreting in each case is different. It all depends on many nuances. This type of interpreting is most often used during events where a small number of participants are involved. Unlike synchronous, its main advantage is that it does not need complex technical equipment. It is also often sufficient to involve one truly qualified translator.

Why you should order a consecutive translation from us?

  • performed by a professional after completing a part of a speaker’s speech;
  • pauses are maintained so that listeners can better perceive the information;
  • when the speaker speaks, the specialist mentally formulates the translation, and then, when there is a pause, reproduces it aloud;
  • the price of consecutive translation will delight our customers, as well as quality;
  • high-level translators are fluent in the language;
  • our specialists also observe etiquette, have an excellent memory, are stress resistant;
  • professionals transfer important points to the speaker;
  • translation is carried out both statically and in motion;
  • translation with a record can be applied.

If you have any questions about the service of consecutive translation, our consultants will be happy to answer them. We will advise you and provide all the necessary information. Our main goal is to translate quality, at a high level. Do you have an event planned with your own nuances? We are sure that our experts will cope with this! We consider each case individually and try to meet each client’s needs. Contact us today!

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