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In contrast to the Limited Liability Company and other legal forms, the registration of a private enterprise implies that its owner takes personal responsibility for the debts of the company. Accounting for activities and taxation is not becoming easier. Therefore, if you have decided to open your own business, want to get a legal entity and are ready for the responsibility, you can proceed to register a private enterprise. The list of required documents and the order of registration is similar to the preparation for the state registration of LLC in the State Unified Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.

Without possessing legal knowledge and experience in registering enterprises, one may make mistakes in the execution of documents, which will delay the procedure and result in additional financial expenses. In order to quickly and without unnecessary trouble to register a company, it is worth contacting specialists with appropriate qualifications and experience. The cost of registering a business will pay off by saving your time and nerves, as well as guaranteeing proper paperwork and successful completion of all procedures.

Where to register?

Registration of enterprises in Kyiv is one of the most demanded services amongst Idioma Translation Bureau. We offer:

  • Consultations on the private enterprise creation and functioning;
  • Assistance in the economic activities choice;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Payment of state fees for registration;
  • Registration with accounting authorities;
  • Assistance in obtaining documents confirming your business registration;
  • Assistance in the manufacture of a stamp, facsimile, dater, print;
  • Consultation on opening a bank account;
  • A full package of documents at the end of registration.

We have affordable prices for the registration of enterprises, especially considering your time-saving. The Idioma Translation Bureau staff has sufficient qualifications and experience, including in difficult situations, when it is necessary to quickly navigate and not to lose the pitfalls. If necessary, we will translate the documents for you and provide notarization. Registering your business with Idioma is quick and easy!

Procedure description

Registration of enterprises in Ukraine involves the following information and documents presentation:

  • legal form (for example, a private enterprise);
  • name in several versions, in Ukrainian, Russian and English, abbreviated form;
  • legal entity location, registered legal address;
  • list of founders, passport data, TIN, place of registration;
  • copy of the director's passport, ITN;
  • the size of the authorized capital (at least one minimum salary), the ratio in % between the founders. If Charter Fund is formed by property, a list of property and the value of each unit is required;
  • activities, main activity;
  • contact number.

Business registration does not end with the presentation of the documents to the State Unified Register and extract receipt. After that, it is necessary to register with the tax, pension fund, statistical agencies, etc. In order not to miss all these details, you need a reliable partner who will take all the questions for himself. Idioma Translation Bureau will provide you with fast, simple and of high-quality assurance during the passage of all company registration procedures. Technical translation

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