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Apostille: what is it, how is it issued and how long will it take?

An apostille is a seal that confirms the validity of the paper on which it is affixed. An apostilled document is legal internationally. The apostille can either be put directly on the necessary document or drawn up separately as an application. You can put it on the original or on the last notary copy. The presence of an apostille on paper means that the document is legalized for use abroad, 56 years ago documents must have been legalized by the consul. With the introduction of the apostille, paperwork has become much easier. In 1961, the Convention was adopted in The Hague, a number of countries joined it, agreeing to use the apostilization of documents as consular legalization. Thus, the apostille certifies that the document is authentic and legalized.
Visually, the apostille is a rectangular stamp with numbered paragraphs and a reference to the Convention.

What Ukrainian documents are used with an apostille?

The following documents are subject to apostilization:

  • Issued by prosecutors and the judiciary;
  • Administrative papers, such as a certificate of marriage or divorce, death or birth;
  • Documents and their copies issued or notarized (including employment records, passports, military IDs, weapons permits, etc.);
  • Documents confirming the availability of education (diplomas, time sheets, certificates, extracts from the archives of universities).

What is a double apostille and why is it needed?

The following countries require double-posting:

  • France;
  • Belgium;
  • Austria;
  • Portugal;
  • Italy;
  • Switzerland;
  • Great Britain;
  • the Netherlands.

The essence of the double apostille is that an apostilled translation is added to the document. Thus, you need to do the following: put an apostille on the document, contact the translator and translate the document into the desired language, then again apply for apostilization.

Translation of the apostille may be necessary for both individuals and legal entities. The need for it arises, for example, when moving, entering a foreign university, finding employment abroad, and also if you do business with foreign partners. Translation with an apostille is most often needed for documents such as a certificate of death, birth, marriage, divorce, and a certificate of criminal record.

Where is it issued?

The following organizations have the right to put an apostille on most documents (the issuing authority depends on the type of document) in Ukraine:

  • MFA;
  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Education.

The first of the above bodies performs apostilization of documents within 2-5 business days, the second one within 1-5 business days, but up to 20 days if you need additional information during registration, for example, send a request to the institution where the document was issued. In the Ministry of Education, apostille placement can take up to 40 business days.

There are long queues in the halls of most government organizations. Many of them can have a day off on a weekday, and in some, the lunch break can be delayed indefinitely. A particularly difficult and lengthy process is the translation and apostille of documents because you will need to collect and submit documents, make apostilization, translate documents and put the apostille back on. If you want to be engaged in self-registration, you need to know that according to the Convention in certain cases you have the right to refuse apostilization. Therefore, you need to thoroughly examine all the rules before you go to government agencies or seek help from specialists.

We understand how valuable your time is and take into account the fact that often the need for certain documents arises urgently, for example, to travel abroad. Our specialists offer to take care of all the issues with putting down an apostille and translating documents; you will not have to visit the same rooms several times, to stand in long lines. The prices for apostille in our bureau are among the best in the market for these services. We have been working in this field for more than a year and have been cooperating with both individuals and legal entities. If you need an urgent translation of documents with an apostille, contact our specialists. The deadline for processing is discussed privately, but we will do everything to get you the necessary papers as soon as possible.

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