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Language Translation a price per standard page 1,800 characters. Interpreting price per hour
Russian, Ukrainian 100
English 190 600
German 190 600
French 290 500
Italian 200 500
Spanish 200 600
Polish 290 600
Chinese 450 contractual
Hindi 450 contractual
Georgian 450 600
Turkish 350 contractual
Hebrew 350 contractual

Idioma Translation Bureau is sincerely glad to welcome everyone on our website. We are focused on long-term cooperation with clients. Therefore, every client is very important to us. The objective of our bureau is to provide quality services. We find an individual, unique approach, which makes it possible to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding client. The main advantages of the work we have done are accuracy and thoroughness in implementation. After all, it is clear that mistakes in the translation of a legal focus can be very expensive.

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