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Translation services from Idioma: professionalism, efficiency, experience

Idioma Translation Bureau offers a wide range of translation services. We understand how essential the urgent translation of specific documents is, so we do translations qualitatively and fast. Our translation bureau, situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, adopts a dependable strategy picking its employees. We an expert for each industry, so you can be sure that our employees will never misinterpret the meaning of the text or will not be well versed in specialized terms.

Our activities:

Idioma Translation Bureau provides the following types of translation:

  • legal. We will promptly, efficiently and confidentially translate any contract, memorandum, agreement, statutes, powers of attorney or notarial documents into the language you need;
  • medical. This type of transfer is especially relevant for those who seek medical services from foreign specialists, as well as in the case when you go to work abroad. We can translate extracts, medical reports, test results, research reports and articles, studies, licenses, documents for medical equipment;
  • technical. You can order a full translation and abstract or annotation. Our technical specialists have been working with customer’s drawings and diagrams for years, so they will translate your documentation easily;
  • artistic. Our translation bureau translates books, magazines, articles and publications of Internet portals;
  • economic. In this field of activity, the care of a translator is especially important because any mistake can be very expensive. In our translation center, you can translate bank documentation, all types of financial statements, contracts and economic research results;
  • interpretation. Our specialists provide both simultaneous and consecutive translations, as well as whispered translation and phrasal translations. It all depends on your choice and format of the event where a translator is needed.

We understand how valuable your time is, so we will help you with a number of documents. You do not have to stand in lines of public institutions — we will do everything for you because, in addition to translation services, we help with:

  • opening a bank account. Opening an account in a foreign bank is a long and complicated procedure, requiring a large number of documents in a foreign language, such as statements, proof of legal capacity, a scheme of relationships with partners, constituent documents. In our translation bureau, the execution of these documents can be significantly accelerated;
  • documents legalization (apostilization, consular legalization). Getting a stamp sometimes takes a lot of time visiting a government institution and a notary. Twice longer one needs to spend on registration of double apostille. With our help, it will be enough for you to apply only to one organization and not to stand in long lines;
  • registration of citizenship, obtaining an ITN or a TIN, extension of the period of stay in Ukraine, insurance, and invitations for foreigners, getting a residence permit. We help with getting the pack of documents for foreigners. Indeed, without the residence permit in Ukraine, it is impossible to have a business, study, buy cars and real estate, a foreigner also cannot even apply for medical services;
  • employment permit. To get this paper, you need a huge number of apostilled documents such as passport, a certificate of good conduct, a diploma, and tax certificates, the Unified Register and many others. If you want to start work as soon as possible or hire a new foreign employee, our translation bureau will do everything to speed up this process;
  • LLC or enterprise registration. Our staff will advise you in detail on each of the stages of registration and tell you about all the pitfalls of this process;
  • obtaining a non-conviction certificate. This certificate is an integral part of obtaining a visa, passport, citizenship, guardianship and many other documents.

We work hard to establish fruitful cooperation with each of our clients. Therefore, prices at Idioma Translation Bureau are weighted, affordable and fully consistent with the quality. The cost of translation may vary depending on the language in which it is carried out, and the speed of providing the finished work.

Our contacts

  • + 38 (098) 680 17 84
    + 38 (098) 680 17 84

  • idiom-interpreter

  • Kyiv,
    Ukraine 72 Velyka Vasylkivska St, 7th floor,
    working hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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