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Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
Legalization from 250 UAH
Interpretation -170 UAH
Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
Translation from 40 UAH

Tourist services

Booking the hotel and airline tickets, travel insurance

Hotel booking

150 UAH.

Airline tickets booking

150 UAH.

Travel insurance

By agreement


 Booking hotels worldwide.

•We’ll provide you with information and consulting support connected with hotels all over the world .

• Provide photos, descriptions, prices, policies, customer reviews.

•  After approval, we’ll book the hotel chosen by you.


We’ll provide you the confirmation of booking the hotel for the embassy. If necessary we’ll demand fax from the hotel. Requirements the embassies of different countries have their differences. As a rule, embassies accept electronic confirmation of the reservation, but here is need the individual approach. Therefore, our specialists will provide you with the latest information connected with the requirements of different countries on the demand of embassies of confirmed hotel reservations .


Airline reservation.

• If you need to book a ticket, we will help you to choose the best flights with the cheapest rates and convenient connections.

• After agreement with you, we will book.

• We will provide you a reservation which is required for the embassies of various countries for visa obtaining.

Travel insurance.

            Availability of health insurance it is one of the requirements of many countries embassies for visa. Each country has it’s own individual requirements for such insurance. There are different options sums of insurance coverage and options. We will help you to get your insurance based on your individual situation. Purchasing policy, you first of all, take care of your  own health and tranquility. The cost is calculated on the basis of data on the  country visited and quantity days of stay.