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Work permit

Work permit of foreign resident is an official document which issues the relevant authority and allows working in a territory of Ukraine.

Work permit of foreign resident issued by the employer which has made a decision it is necessary to approach in the territorial administration of employment center.

For obtaining a permit of foreign resident need to provide the following documents:

1). from employer:

certified copy of statute and certificate of enterprises state registration

certified copy of inquiry State statistic service of Ukraine

docket of director’s assignment

extract from unified register

inquire of tax inspection of absence the tax liabilities

inquiry from employment center of absences the debt before center

certified copy report on form 3-PN

payment receipt of state duty

2). from foreign resident:

copy of passport with notarized translation on Ukrainian language

copy of education certificate (diploma) with notarized translation

police clearance in Ukraine

inquire of foreign citizen that the citizen does not endure the punishment and does not remand.

It is necessary to pay attention that document, issued by foreign country (apart from passport) should undergo a procedure of apostillation.

We propose you to use opportunity of our services for arrangement the employment the foreign resident.