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Residence permit

Residence permit-it is official document, which certifies the identity and confirms right of resident or person without citizenship permanent or temporary live in state of residence. Depending on the existing grounds foreigner residence permit is divided into:

permanent resident permit

temporary resident permit

Category of foreigner:

To obtain permanent resident permit in Ukraine can such foreigners and person without citizenship: ex Ukrainian resident, staying permanent live in Ukraine after decision to terminate the Ukrainian citizenship, person entitled to immigrate in Ukraine for permanent residence on the basis of obtaining permission to immigrate;

As you can see the preliminary stage by obtaining the permanent residence permit in Ukraine is organization immigration permit. However, for the absence of misunderstanding we would like to mention that as organization permit and obtaining the certificate of permanent residence permit occurs as a part of one process. So, who can obtain the immigration permit and as a consequence the permanent residence permit.

List, which is arranged by immigration law include different foundation, for example, foreigner has the right on obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine in case of availability the full-blooded next of skin (brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter) the citizen of Ukraine, so citizen of Russia can formalize permanent residence permit in Ukraine, in case of his grandfather is a citizen of Ukraine.

Formalization of residence permit in Ukraine realizes the state Migration Services (previously FRROH). However, you need to remember that depending on foundation for obtaining permanent residence permit define the local agency of SMS. So, in case of formalization the permanent residence permit in foundation of employment the documentation package need to provide in SMS in Kiev (municipal government), and in case of family reunification ( to citizen of Ukraine) in district administration. For obtaining the temporary residence permit, applicant should submit documents in SMA according to place of residence of applicant with documentation package. As concerns the concrete list of documents for obtaining the residence permit that here is also nuances. For example, there is the main list of documents which include: application, passport or document of identification, its copy, certified translation in Ukrainian language the pages of passport (the document of identification) with the personal date of applicant, invoice document of payment of the state duty, 4 photo 3,5 х 4,5 sm (on mate paper), copy of inquiry of assignment of a taxpayer identification number (if available). The additional list of documents depends on foundation for processing document. So, for obtaining the temporary residence permit for marriage with citizen of Ukraine it is needed to submit the following documents: a) guarantee letter of husband; income certificate of husband (the variants are possible); c). copy of marriage certificate. By the processing of temporary residence permit based on employment it is needed to submit copy of work permit, issued by employment center. Depending on foundation processing of residence permit may provide and other documents. Depending on foundation proceeding residence permit may provide and other documents. In such case will extremely useful assistance of professional company, which within the shortest time period will help the documentation package and obtain a residence permit in Kiev.     

If you are interested the concrete list of document or obtaining temporary residence permit-send a request to us and we will forward offer to you.

So, the most important thing: list of documents (list of documents, decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 251 from 28.03.2012) for obtaining the permanent residence permit in Ukraine the following:


Application on immigration

Certified by notary passport of foreigner

A copy pages with registration, border crossing, migration card

A copy of the citizen’s passport of Ukraine, who are birth relatives of an immigrant (parents, children, husband, father or sister).

Copies of birth or marriage certificates, which confirm relatives

Copies of children’s birth certificate till 16 years    

Certified application by head of Housing Department that owner of flat or house, where will live an immigrant, does not demur regarding registration of foreigner by his address. 

A medical certificates regarding absence of AIDS and tuberculosis, inquiry from narcologist (certificate), diphtheria, meningococcus, pathogenic enterobacteria, (Berdychevskaya Street, 1. phone 044-53-48, 481-56-67).

A police clearance from previous employer (according to item 4 and item 6, part 24, article of Act of Ukraine “About immigration”).

6 photos (on mate paper)

2 envelopes

Police clearance in Ukraine

As practice shows, it is very overwhelming task for lots of foreigners to prepare documents: while prepare the latest documents in the list of inquire, those which are at the beginning of the list already expires! It is for this reason for lots of foreigners the obtaining of permanent residence permit in Ukraine stay unsettled problem.  

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