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Registration in Ukraine

Constitutional court of Ukraine admitted that permissible principles of institute registration curtail freedom movement and choice of place the residence. On that ground the registration of Ukraine was has been replaced as registration.

Assumes that registration at place of residence has only a notifying character and the Ministry of Internal Affairs can no more permit or refuse in registration.

According to legislation, the registration at place of residence in Ukraine it is entering data in the Unified register about residence or location. It means the address of residential place which is used by person for an official announcement.

There has been little change in connection with innovation. Registration at place of residence stays the necessary procedure in life as citizen of Ukraine as foreigner. Registration in Kiev requires by the insurance organization, bank services and even the children organization in kindergarten.

The requirement for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners is to register upon arrival at the new place of residence within 10 days. Kiev registration is required for obtaining residence permit in Ukraine.


Procedure for the registration


On 11-16 pages of passport is stamped registration and de-registration.


Documents for registration submitted in the corresponding authorities.


The applicant provides the following documents for registration:


application for registration of residency



in case of registration a child till until they reach the age of 16 is attached a birth certificate

document, which testified about payment of the state duty

a ticket served in case of place registration changes within state

documents, which testified about living in residential properties by the registration address

military registration card (for persons which is stay in military registration)

if representative provides documents (apart from legal representative) it is needed document, which confirms his authorities

in case of availability, several legal representative the documents provide one of them on condition of written consent the remaining representatives