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Insurance for foreigners who temporary staying in the territory of Ukraine

Citizens of other states for the period of stay in Ukraine are obliged to get the insurance on rendering medical care for the entire period of stay in the country. To get policy is enough to insure him from unforeseen material expenditure during tourist travel, study, work on contract, and visit to relatives. Insurance of foreigners is obligatory, and doesn't depend on purpose of visit to Ukraine.

Objects of insurance are interests, connected with compensation of expenses for medical help, given to the insured person in case of illness or accident in the territory of Ukraine.

Insurance events:

Chronic or acute illness demanding treatment;

 Injuries got as a result of the accident;

Toxacations and burns;

Primary invalidization (of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd group), got as a result of accident;

Death of the insured person.

The health insurance for foreign citizens is obligatory during registration of temporary residence permission, receiving and extension of period of validity of Ukrainian visa.

What documents are necessary for registration of the insurance policy?

 Foreign passport, issued by the country of residence;

The conditions under which acts insurance for foreigners in Ukraine:

Insurance protection is guaranteed for the entire period of the contract, for 24 hours a day in the territory of Ukraine;

Period of validity the insurance contract is from 1 to 365 days;

Insurance protection is provided only on the territory of Ukraine;

Franchise is 0 UAH., It means that the entire amount of compensation is paid by the insurance company;

Assistance in the organization of medical care provides center of assistance.

In what cases insurance compensation is guaranteed?

Company with which is concluded the insurance contract is obliged to compensate the costs of:

  1. Outpatient and inpatient treatment of the insured person;


2. Payment for ambulance services for the transportation of the insurant to the medical center or to the appointment of the doctor;


3. Repatriation of the insured from the country;


4. Consultations are available in three languages – English, Ukrainian and Russian;


5. Repatriation of the body, if the insured person 's death occurred in the territory of Ukraine or funeral services, if burial is in accomplished in Ukraine.

Translation bureau “Idioma” assists in the acquisition and renewal of the insurance policy to foreign nationals who are temporarily staying in Ukraine. We are able to solve the problem of your insurance quickly and efficiently. The company specializes in providing translation, legal and tourist services, by contacting us, you can obtain the insurance contract and get deatailed information about its conditions.