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Extension of time of being in Ukraine

In the activity of our clients often occur questions relating to the employment of foreign citizens.

It is necessary to complete the permission for work of the foreign citizen, of the labor of foreigner is used. At the same time, employer must deal with this by himself.

Work permit is issued according the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 27.05.2013 № 437.

The decision about providing the document is admitted by the special commission of Kyiv City Employment Center.

Commission assesses the qualification of the foreign worker, as well as the practibility and sufficient feasibility of using sufficient labor of the foreigner on the basis of submitted documents.

 Employment of foreigners and persons without citizenship is appropriate and adequately justified in the case if a foreigner or person without citizenship:

- claims for the position of the head, deputy head or other executive post provided upon condition that the foreigner or person without citizenship is the founder or co-founder of the enterprise, institution, organization, which is the employer;

- being a subject of proprietary rights and allied rights, and will be invited to work in Ukraine for the implementation of such rights.

            According the general rule, for getting the permission to use the labor of foreigners or persons without citizenship, not later than 15 calender days before applying for permission the employer should to file information connected with labor demand (vacancies). After that, providing the assistance in the employment of Ukrainian citizens from the unemployed registered who are registered by the Employment Center. If the Employment Center didn’t send the citizens of Ukraine with suitable qualifications to the employer, in such case the last has right for employment of foreigners and persons without citizenship and such employment will be appropriate from the point of view of employment legislation.

The complex of services connected with permission for work includes:

giving vacancy to the Employment Centre;

assistance in preparing the translation of documents connected with education or qualification;

 assistance in preparing the translation of the passport document translation;

assistance in obtaining the police clearance certificate;

the formation of the necessary documents and filing them in the Employment Center;

representation of the client’s interests during discussion of the question by commission;

obtaining a new work permit or extension of the previous one.

For work you need to provide us:

copy of the statute (notarized) — if foreigner is founder or co-founder;

copy of the certificate from EDRPOU (statistics);

copy of passport of foreign citizen (copy and signature of the translator must be notarized);

copy of the document about education or qualification of the foreign citizen (notary+ signature of translator must be notarized)*;

original of the police clearance certificate;

report of form 3-PN (about availability of vacancies);

color photographs of the foreigner — 2 pcs. — 3,5х4,5;

document, issued by the medical institution that the foreigner is not sick with chronic alcoholism, toxicomania, drug habit and infectious diseases, the list of which is specified by the Ministry of Health.

Work permit is the basis for obtaining the temporary residence permit.

Work permit is subject for annual renewal.

Obtaining the work permit the foreigner can work in the territory of Ukraine on equality with resident.

Official payments: four minimum salaries. Size of minimum salary from 01.12.2013 — 1218,00 UAH (Total: 1218х4= 4872 UAH.). Termsfrom 10 working days.