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Registration of enterprises

Today Limited Liability Company (Ukrainian Tovarystvo z obmezhenoyu vidpovidalnistyu) is the most common legal form for business.

Limited Liability Company is created by one or more persons as economic society; the shared capital is divided into shares, which are determined by statute.

This kind of society requires financial participation (property) with participants LLC. (Ukrainian LLC ) bear the risk of losses associated with the company's activities within the value of their contributions to the share capital. If the participant has contributed to society are not completely, it is still jointly and severally liable for its obligations to the value of the unpaid portion of the deposit.

Number of members  the Limited Liability Company can compose from 1 to 100 persons.

Registered capital may be formed in the form of money or property. In the case of the authorized capital formation in property terms, also indicated the value of the property in cash. This value is determined by an evaluation of participants. Formation of capital assets can be advantageous from various perspectives, including tax optimization. For example, if the authorized capital made fixed assets, the depreciation, repairs and maintenance of fixed assets will be deductible. Nowadays, the legislation is no minimum share capital of LLC, the authorized capital may be formed in the amount of 1 UAH. However, if the business organization required initial cash investment, one of the financing options are equity contributions.

The supreme body of the limited liability company is the general meeting of participants, consists the members of society, or their designated representatives. Executive authority LLC is: office (executive board) or Director (sole executive body).

The term Registration deadline Limited Liability Company is 3-5 working days from the date of submission of all required documents.

 Our experts will help you determine the activity under Classifier CTEA 2010, to develop and pick up all the necessary documents for registration of the LLC and register a company as soon as possible in accordance with applicable law. Also, you will be given advice on the choice of the taxation system, the initial funding schemes. Depending on the nature of the business, our experts will help you choose the financial institution and the best package of banking services.

For register a company in the form of LLC requires such documents and informaton:

1. Name of company name;

2. The list of activities;

3. Copy of passport and identification code of the Director;

4. Copy of passport and identification code of the chief accountant ( if the office is provided by the charter, but not required);

5. Copies of passports and identification codes of the founders / participants;

6. If the founder (participant ) is a legal entity, then you need the following : copies of statements or Certificate from the USR ,an order appointing a director;

7. Data on the size, type, structure and distribution of shares of the authorized capital;

8. Power of Attorney ( notarized ) .

The cost of registering the Limited Liability Company in Kiev composes from 1500 UAH.

Fees for opening LLC in the Kiev Region composes from 1000 to 1200 UAH.