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Opening a bank account

Translation bureau “Idioma” help to choose the bank, to open the bank account based on requirements of your business. As a rule, the choice is determined by the bank's financial stability, opportunities connected with work with non- resident clients, the presence of Russian-speaking staff, correspondence of its specialization to the profile of activity of the company, and also policy of strict confidentiality.

            Independently, what foreign or offshore bank you choose to serve your capital, you need to provide to the bank the following:

-registration package of all constituent documents of the company (originals or notarized copies).

-for companies in the offshore jurisdiction/onshore decision of the Board of Directors/ Director for opening a bank account in the bank Board Resolution in English.

-for companies, which are existing for more than 12 months, the document about the company's capacity (Good Standing).

-identity cards of directors/users of the account: passports (civil/foreign passport) originals or notarized copies.

-description the business of company in free form/scheme of relation with partners (in English).

- confirmation  the derivation of funds from the owner of cash (any possible statement of earnings; certificates about wages; agreements connected with transactions; confirmations of getting inheritance; statements from bank about availability of sum of money resources for keeping the bank; etc.).