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Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
Legalization from 250 UAH
Interpretation -170 UAH
Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
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Notarized translation

I offer translation notary certification services (certification of translator’s signature).Notarization is only needed for the official documents.

                                             The list of the notarizable documents is quite extensive: 

-contracts, treaties and agreements; 
-powers of attorney; 
-documents of incorporation; 
-balance sheets; 
-service-record cards, etc.

Please note that the above documents must be duly prepared.

                                                   Notaries generally have the following requirements to the documents: 

-You will most probably have to provide the original copy;
-the document must contain legible information specifying the name of the document and the issuing authority;
-the document must also contain the signatures of the authorized persons, issuing authority’s seals, ref. number and date;
-if the document consists of more than one pages, they must be bound and sealed/stamped;
-the documents issued by foreign public authorities must bear the apostille or consular legalization stamps. 

Please note!

Photocopies of the documents containing photos (such as passports, IDs, driving licenses, etc.) can be certified with the translator’s signature without any need to obtain the further evidence to prove the document authenticity!       

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