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Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
Legalization from 250 UAH
Interpretation -170 UAH
Visa in Europe from 40 Euro
Translation from 40 UAH



      If you want to use any documents, being in other country, most likely, you need to legalize them. Legalization of documents is necessary in order that documents which were made in the territory of one state, gained validity in the territory of another.

        For the countries which have signed the Hague convention of 1961 about cancellation of the requirement of legalization of foreign official documents, will be enough if on your papers there is an apostille sign. On December 22, 2003 the Hague convention came into force in the territory of Ukraine. From now on legalization of documents is required only for the countries, which haven't joined the convention.

          Process of legalization is rather difficult and occupies a long period. Usually the stage of legalization consists of three stages of putting down the seals on documents, in the following establishments:

     • Ministry of Justice; (on the documents, issued by the authorities  of the office of Civil Registration instead of seal of the Ministry of Justice it is sealed by the Main Regional  Department of Justice or a Municipal Department  of Justice depending of a place of issue of the document)

      • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

      • Embassy or consulate of country,  where documents are transferred.

After that documents are certified by consulate (embassy) of the respective state. Consular legalization consists in confirmation of originals of documents and signatures of the officials, authorized to certify signatures on documents. Besides check on authenticity there pass all prints, the press and the stamps appearing on your documents. Consul doesn't bear responsibility for contents of documents.

Proceeding from written above to legalize documents not so simply. We will assume all difficulties connected with process of legalization. Everything that is necessary from you is only the power of attorney issued by the notary on our employees for submission of documents in this or that instance from your name.






Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Мiniust)

Documents, provided by authorities of Civil Registry: birth, death, marriage divorce certificates, extracts,  etc.

1 day

250 UAH

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA)

Certificates, by archive establishments, authorities of MAI, certificates of a state of health, etc.

3 days

400 UAH


*** putting down  stamp  “Apostille” for documents is carried out without the power of attorney.

*** legalization of documents for individuals is carried out n the presence of the notarial power of attorney.

*** stamp “Apostille”and  legalization of documents for legal entities is carried out in the presence of the letter-application.



 (Prices are specified for 1 document)

Italy (apostille  + accredited translation + certification  in consulate ):


Certificates, provided by authorities of the Civil Registry – 800 UAH.

Extract –  from 850 UAH.

Applicatiion –  from 880 UAH.

Certificate of lack of a criminal record  – 800 UAH.

Certificate of registration – 800 UAH.

Non-standard documents  ( big certificates, applications, powers of attorney, etc.) – specify the cost of the accredited translation..

Portugal (double apostille + notarial translation)


Standard documents  (certificates, certificates of registration, of lack of a criminal record):

480 UAH.

Extract, application –from 500 UAH

Spain (double apostille + notarial translation)


Standard documents (certificates, certificates of registration, of lack of a criminal record): 450UAH

Extract, application – from 490 UAH


The cost of other documents and languages needs to be specified.

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